Journal Articles

Castañeda Pérez, E. 2022. Transborder (in)securities: transborder commuters’ perceptions of U.S. Customs and Border Protection policing at the Mexico–U.S. border [link]

Public Writing

Castañeda Pérez, E, Félix, I. 2020. ¿Algo Que Declarar? Student Surveillance, Policing, and Belonging at the México-U.S. Border [link]

Castañeda Pérez, E. 2020. Tomorrow We Protest, Tomorrow We Strike [link]

Castañeda Pérez, E, Ramirez, B. 2019. The Continuum of Legal Violence against Central American Migrants [link]

Castañeda Pérez, E. 2019. Border Shutdowns: State Violence and Psychological Warfare Performed [link]

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